An interior designer is a creative profession, whose representative specializes in developing projects for a harmonious environment to create a comfortable, cozy and stylish environment. To do this, he must have creative and artistic abilities, as well as be creative. Demand for specialists in this field is growing every year. Not only different companies resort to their services, but also private clients who order an individual interior design for their housing.

It is worth noting that the interior designer does not have a standard career growth, but this does not mean that he is deprived of the prospect of further development. Having gained practical experience, a specialist can be invited to one of the well-known companies that provides services in this area. Experienced employees are entrusted with the preparation of a design project for large objects, which brings significant income.

The specifics of the profession of interior designer

This profession is perfect for those who are interested in drawing, drawing and art culture. The specialist performs all stages of interior decoration – from the layout of the room and lighting to the arrangement of furniture and the choice of textiles. Of great importance is the use of styles that were formed in different historical eras: modernism, minimalism, deconstructivism, futurism, high-tech, etc.

Within the framework of the work, the specialist performs the following:

  • comprehends the idea of ​​the project;
  • analyzes similar projects and prepares a general concept;
  • optimizes project components, develops a sketch and coordinates it;
  • prepares a layout, 3D model;
  • calculates and prepares drawings;
  • turns the project into reality and adjusts it at the request of the client;
  • picks up furniture or designs individual items;
  • decorates the interior after finishing work.

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